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I love teaching. I taught "Introduction to Business and Management" to undergraduate students at UC Irvine in Summer 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic. At RMIT Vietnam, I teach "Organizational Analysis," which focuses on the use of sociological lenses in critiquing organizations.


Teaching undergraduate students during the COVID-19 pandemic was an invaluable experience. Seeing my students’ struggles with isolation, disorientation, and anxiety during the pandemic enhanced my empathy and compassion towards my students. It was quite touching to see my students strive to attend online classes and work hard to perform well during the pandemic. I learned as much from my students as they learned from me, and I am grateful for that. I am looking forward to continuing this mutual learning in the future.

I would be happy to teach courses on organizational behavior and organizational analysis at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Most importantly, I would love the opportunity to design and teach courses related to my primary research interests on relational, political, and sociological approaches to work and organizations, such as courses on workplace relationships, human interactions at work, workers’ voices and activism, the work of advocacy and non-profit organizations, work-life boundaries, the experiences of migrant and immigrant workers, and so on. In addition, I have a deep personal interest in environmentalism, education, humanitarian aid, and poverty reduction, and thus I would be very glad to teach courses on project management and conflict resolution in light of these topics.

Having grown up and attended school in Vietnam – a developing country – I understand the importance of education in changing people’s lives and building better societies. When I talk to undergraduate and postgraduate students, whether in Vietnam or the United States, I am often struck by their perseverance, intellect, and passion for the betterment of the world, despite all financial hardships, social inequities, and other challenges faced by these students. In that sense, conversing with my students is a humbling experience that helps me realize how fortunate I have been and how much more work I should do to support my students. With my teaching, I aim to contribute to both the deconstruction and construction of the world in which we live, thus laying the conceptual foundations for a better world for future generations, my students included. I believe in my students because they represent the future of our planet. My teaching aims to help my students believe in themselves.

Anonymous student feedback

Engaged in learning who her students are and shows willingness to build personal relationships with them. Minh is also extremely interested in answering students’ questions/concerns promptly to better the overall learning process.

Minh provides lots of related activities to help us further understand concepts.

She kept the class light-hearted and gave us activities to work on that really focused on out critical thinking skills as well as application skills on what we learned from the textbook.

She is very good at engaging the students. She is very clear at explaining concepts and goes in-depth with the more important concepts. She gives very good feedback about our presentation to make sure that we fully understand what we were presenting about or clarifies for the rest of the class.

The instructor was able to foster a welcoming environment for all students and was very accommodating to students. The instructor was able to clearly answer all questions students had. Also, the instructor was able to translate course concepts into engaging group activities that aided our learning.

Extremely enjoyable course with Minh’s instruction. Although it was fast-paced due to the nature of summer session, I learned a lot and am able to apply those key takeaways to both my personal and professional/educational life.

Minh is very enthusiastic about the topics that we learn and is kind to all of us.

She is very interactive with her students and gives lots of opportunity for students to participate. Engages with her students and makes students feel great and happy to come to class. Genuinely cares about the students and how they’re feeling.

This course was very fun with Minh!

She is perfect if I were to be honest. One of the best professors I’ve ever had.

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